Frequently Asked Questions

We want families to have all the information they need to evaluate whether Deer Creek is the best educational option for their children. This FAQ page includes the questions we hear most often from prospective families.

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What denomination is Deer Creek associated with?

Deer Creek Christian School is a non-denominational ministry. Our students come from several dozen area churches, and they reflect a variety of religious backgrounds.

What is the communication policy of the school?

We have a friendly atmosphere and an open-door policy. Our Head of School is very accessible, and parents are welcome to come in and talk to him any time, even without an appointment. We expect teachers to communicate regularly with parents, and we encourage parents to initiate conversations as well. (Faculty and staff bios and email addresses are all listed on the Faculty and Staff page.) Deer Creek is intentional about using technology to enhance communication. We want to make it convenient for families to get the information they need.

What is the ethnic make-up of the student body?

We believe diversity is beautiful and multiculturalism is an asset. Our students are African-American, Caucasian, Asian, and Latino. Our faculty members are African-American, Caucasian, and Latino.

What curriculum do you use, and what do you place your emphasis on?

We use a variety of curriculum because we believe in educating the whole child. We know that the kids who are in our classrooms today will be leaders in their families, workplaces, and churches tomorrow. All subject areas are important, but it’s not just the content that’s crucial. We want to give students the skills they need to be life-long learners. So we partner with parents to develop critical thinkers and problem-solvers who know how to see old issues from fresh angles.

How many students attend Deer Creek?

Parents often tell us that one of the primary reasons they chose Deer Creek is the small class sizes. Our intention is to keep growing, without ever losing our focus on each child as an individual learner with unique strengths. Our enrollment for 2017-2018 was 125 students.

How can I enroll my child?

We’ve gathered all the information and forms you need on our Enrollment page. There’s also a form on this page you can use to set up an appointment to meet with someone in person. We are proud of our school and would love to grow the Deer Creek family!