Deer Creek Pride – Winter/Spring 2017

Does Christian Education really matter? We’ve got evidence that it does! Read the newest issue of the Deer Creek Pride newsletter to hear from a teacher, an alumnus, a parent, and a student. We’ve also included a list of people who believe in Christian Education so much that they support Deer Creek generously with financial donations.

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Deer Creek Pride – Fall/Winter 2016

Deer Creek

Deer Creek newsletterThe 2016 school year is off to a good start in our new building, with some new staff, serving some new families. Our Fall/Winter Deer Creek Pride celebrates these new adventures. Click to download and read about:

  • The fourth-grader who recognized passion in her recess lady
  • How the Deer Creek family makes excellence affordable
  • Why Patrick Murday is in Mexico
  • How this year’s theme is a timely counter-balance to the exciting changes we experience

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Deer Creek Pride – Spring/Summer 2016

Deer Creek

In a special six-page issue of the Deer Creek Pride, we highlighted the 2016 graduating class, bid farewell to three teachers, welcomed new faces and new places, and heard from Alumna Erinn Behn. Development Director Steve Blom summarized the feeling of partnership that characterized the school year, and Principal Verwolf shared his feelings about transitions.

It’s a big issue, and you don’t want to miss any of it! Click to download the PDF.