Board questions

The Deer Creek School Board meets the second Thursday of each month with very few exceptions. If you would like to address the School Board, please call the Head of School on the Monday before the Board meeting to secure a time. Meetings begin at 6:00 pm.

What is the role of Deer Creek’s Board of Directors?

      Establishing the mission of Deer Creek, and ensuring it is carried out
      Hiring the Head of School and evaluating his or her performance
      Strategic and long-term organizational planning
      Ensuring fiduciary oversight and financial viability
      Fundraising and resource development
      Approval and oversight of Deer Creek’s overall program as a school
      Enhancing Deer Creek’s public image
      Assessing its own performance as the governing body of Deer Creek

How do you become a School Board member?

There are a number of different non-profit Board structures. Deer Creek has what is called a self-perpetuating Board, which is highly effective in a mission-focused school such as ours. This means that the Board evaluates the various gifts and skills necessary to achieve its mission, and seeks out individuals, both internally and externally, who have these gifts. Skilled areas include Board Governance, Christian Education, Finances, Legal, Marketing and Communications. Candidates enter a nomination process that includes an initial application and interview with a committee of the Board, and are approved by a majority vote. Board candidates must:

      Be committed to the Vision and Mission of Deer Creek
      Agree with Deer Creek’s Statement of Faith
      Exhibit wisdom and humility in their interpersonal relationships
      Give significantly of time, talent, and resources for the benefit of Deer Creek
      Maintain confidentiality in all internal matters of the Board at Deer Creek

How long do Board members serve on the Board?

A Board term is three years, and each Board member may serve two consecutive terms if approved by a majority of the Board.

How much time is required to serve on the Board of Directors?

The Board has an established calendar that includes the following:

      12 monthly meetings held on the 2nd Thursday of the month. These meetings generally last 2 hours.
      Committee Work: The Board has two standing committees, as well as various task-forces as needed throughout the year. The standing committees are Governance and Finance, and generally meet at least once each month between the regular board meetings. Each board member is expected to serve on a committee and/or task-force throughout the year.
      Annual Board Retreat, usually held in February.

Board members are also expected to attend 4–6 all-school functions throughout the year, including Back to School Night, the Christmas Program, Preview Day(s), and Graduation.

Are Board members expected to give financially to Deer Creek?

Yes. Each Board member is expected to give a meaningful personal financial gift to Deer Creek as a leader in one of the Board’s primary responsibilities of fundraising. There is no minimum requirement for the donation amount.